The Broiler Out-growers Production Scheme (BOPS) is an off-shoot of a four year collaborative initiative of the government of Osun State and Tuns Farms Limited aimed at empowering broiler farmers in the state as well as grow the economy of the state. The scheme provides the broiler farmers with inputs such as day old chicks (DOC), feeds, drugs and technical advice, in addition, the scheme provides buy back guarantee for the farmers.

The scheme which started in 2011 with only 9 participating Farmers has over 680 Farmers participating in it now.

The Structure

Under the outgrower scheme, accredited broiler farmers produce broilers with input supplied by Tuns Farms Limited. Tuns Farms will, in turn, off-take the broilers that are produced by the participating farmers.

In general, the scheme workflow involves the following:

  • Farmers set up structure and possess the right equipment for broiler rearing
  • The farm and equipment is inspected by Tuns Farms Officials to ascertain that it meets required standards and specification
  • Following the certification of individual farmers of their farm facility for stocking by Tuns Farms officials, the farmers become eligible to collect DOCs, feeds and other inputs to run the farm
  • Farmers grow their birds attain standard weight of 1.8-2kg within 35 – 45 days
  • Tuns Farms provide the farmers a ready market through a buy-back mechanism