Frequently Asked Questions

How can I participate in the scheme?

To participate, farmers must belong to a registered cooperative society/group who will recommend him to the state entrepreneurs as well as serve as his guarantor. Farmer shall apply for participation through such cooperative society. (See NEGPRO FARMER ELIGIBILITY)

What are the eligibility criteria for NEGPRO Farmers?


How can I become a NEGPRO Entrepreneur/Stakeholder?

Entrepreneurs/stakeholders shall be selected from across the country after the scheme manager has made recommendation to the Technical Committee for final ratification and appointment to participate in the scheme.

Application forms are available on this website for interested participants

Where can I locate NEGRO office in my state?

The addresses of state NEGPRO offices shall be published in this website soon

As a NEGPRO farmer, how do I access the fund?

Farmers are funded through the entrepreneurs/stakeholders in their respective states through supply of input and loan