National Egg Production (NEGPRO) Scheme:

NEGPRO Scheme is a national intervention program on egg production aimed at achieving the following objectives:

  • Generate 1 million jobs through the egg production and processing value chain
  • Attain a daily production of 50 million table eggs nationwide at full implementation of the scheme.
  • Create a forward integration plan for inclusion of eggs and other poultry protein in the state’s school feeding menu
  • Create a solid raw material base for the development of secondary egg processing industry to complete the value chain.
  • Develop local capacity for processing of minimum of 70% of table eggs produced into shelf stable egg based products such as egg powder.
  • Create sustainable poultry industry that supports:
    • economic diversification
    • generation of IGR for government,
    • contribution to the nations GDP,
    • Conservation of forex expenditure
    • Earning of foreign expenditure through exports of eggs and egg powder.

Eggs produced from NEGPRO will service the following:

  • The National School Feeding Program,
  • Structured open market
  • Egg powder processors across the nation


1. Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

2. Central Bank of Nigeria

3. Scheme Manager and National Anchor

4. Bank of Agriculture

5. State Anchors

6. Poultry Association of Nigeria

7. Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation (NAIC)

The Structure

Under the NEGPRO scheme, accredited layer farmers produce eggs with input supplied by the anchor. The anchor shall in turn, off-take all output(eggs and spent layers) from the farm.

In general, the scheme workflow involves the following:

  • Accredited farmers set up structure and cage for layer birds.
  • Input Producers/Suppliers in day old chicks (DOC), feeds and Drugs and Vaccines approved for the NEGPRO scheme take up the provision of basic inputs to participating farmers
  • Following the approval of individual farmers and verification and certification of their layer farm pen/structures for stocking by NEGPRO officials of the state, NEGPRO farmers become eligible to collect DOCs, feeds ,Drugs and Vaccines and overhead cost to run the farm from the loan accessed. With the input, the farmers commence poultry farming.
  • Farmers return on weekly basis such that eggs produced from their individual farms are taken up by the approved state anchor.
  • National anchor shall balance the account of individual farmers and share profit accordingly.
  • Loan repayment commences after 6 months moratorium and last till the end of the cycle which is a period of 30 months.