Consultancy Service

With our wealth of experience sharpened by decades of continuous development and mastery of the art and science of Poultry production, we have partnered with both government and private entities to set up and manage successful and profitable poultry business.

We have worked with the following public and private entities

  1. Osun State Government
  2. Ebonyi State Government
  3. Gese Dederabi Farms, Yola

Osun State Governement

Broiler Outgrower Scheme (OBOPS)

The scheme was a Public Private Partnership on broiler production. TUNS was appointed as the scheme manager to pilot the scheme for a period of four years after which the scheme is to be run by TUNS. The scheme incorporated 3 partners, viz;

  • The Osun State Government represented by the Ministry of Agriculture. Was responsible for revolving loan for provision of feed to participating farmers.
  • TUNS Farms Nigeria. Provides DOC to farmer as equity contribution and also produce feed for the farmers on behalf of the government.
  • Poultry Farmers represented by the Poultry Association of Nigeria Osun state chapter. They nominate and guarantee their members for participation.

The aim of the scheme was to provide employment opportunities through profitable poultry farming while also reviving moribund farms in the state. For more infomation click here

Eboyin State Government

Nkaliki Integrated Poultry Project (2003 – 2004)

TUNS Farms was engaged as a management/Technical consultant for setting up of;

  • Breeder Farm
  • Hatchery
  • Commercial Layers farm
  • Commercial Broiler Farm
  • Commercial feed mill and supply concentrates

Gese Dederabi Farm,Yola

TUNS Farms was engaged as a management and technical consultant for the farm. the arrangement lasted for one year as agreed. The follow were the scope of services rendered;

  • Commercial feed mill and supply of concentrates
  • Chicken Slaughter line
  • Commercial layers farm

Ongoing Consultancy Service

Federal Government of Nigeria

The Federal Government of Nigeria through Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) in a letter dated 10th February, 2016 appointed TUNS Farms Nig. Ltd as a Consultant on Poultry Farming and Management Nationwide.

The appointment gave birth to the the National Egg Production Scheme (NEGPRO).For more infomation click here