Tuns Farms Operational Structure

TUNS Farms is a fully integrated company with five main units dependent on each other until the final product:

Areas of Operation:

• The Breeder farm

• The Hatchery

• The Feed Mills

• Live Bird Processing Plant

• Out-growers unit

Breeder Farm

• The breeder farm is equipped with auto-climatically controlled and bio-secured poultry houses, with laying broiler parent stocks from globally acclaimed breeders like Aviagen

• The houses are tailored towards what is obtainable globally and also meets international standards for poultry production. This housing system provides our birds with the right environmental conditions to optimally attain their genetic potentials.

• Right from the brooding stage, the birds are given excellent care and health management through the rearing stage and ultimately to the production phase.

• The hatching eggs produced by this breeder flock are then collected, fumigated and transferred to the Hatchery.

• The capacity is 43,000 birds (50% in laying & 50% rearing) with an annual production of 4.8million eggs yearly

• Expansion plan is to have 10 climatically controlled, humidity and temperature controlled houses with cages, manure removal, targeted to drive operational efficiency to the maximum.


• The operations of the hatchery are governed by sets of operating procedures and work instructions backed by up to date industry standard GMPs.

• Expansion plan is to hatch 12.5million DOCs annually by introducing additional 10units of setters & 3 units of hatchers

• Justification of target is to meet the demand of 750,000 DOCs to contract out-growers on a monthly basis

Tuns Feed Mills

• Inputs for the feed mill are sourced locally while concentrates is sourced from Europe.

• The products from the Mills are formulated by seasoned animal nutritionists with the requisite qualification and experience coupled with inputs from globally recognized feed laboratories in Europe.

• The current capacity is 8tons per hour while future expansion is to have a 4tons per hour concentrate plant and 20tons per hour Feed milling line

Out-growers Unit

• The unit coordinates the contract rearing operations of the company and serves as a link in the integration of the farms operation.

• The unit comprises professionals and includes Veterinarians, Animal scientists and Animal Nutritionists saddled with the responsibility of providing technical support to the farmers on a regular basis making necessary observations and changes in their operations.

• The team certifies and recommends farms for participation in the out-grower scheme, monitors the activities and performances of these farmers, organizes the logistics for culling and keep records of the accounts of farmers.

Live Bird Processing Plant

• The unit is equipped with a semi-automated chicken processing line with a capacity to slaughter 3,000 birds per hour with a maximum limit to process 15,000 birds daily

• The unit consists of six main sections designed to conform operationally to global food safety and quality systems standards. The six operational units are:

• Arrival section

• Slaughtering section

• Evisceration section

• Packaging unit

• Cut-up unit

• Grading unit

• The production of frozen chicken and other proprietary cuts in this facility are guided by risk-based plan drawn and implemented by a seasoned quality assurance team.

• The facility is audited in line with FSLC 22,000 & Quality Management System 9100 by International food safety auditors on an annual basis with regular compliance visits from other Industry regulators.

• The expansion plan is to have a 5000 birds per/hr processing plant translating to the processing of about 50,000 birds daily.