Outgrowers Scheme

Our Outgrowers’ program is a contract rearing program where registered farmers are supplied with inputs, and are allowed to raise the birds to market weight.

Tuns Farms produces and supplies quality day-old-chicks (DOC’s) and quality feed to the farmers who raise and nurture the birds for few weeks (4-6 weeks), after which the farm buys them back from the participants. Aside the guaranteed buy-back, Tuns Farms also supports participants who are mainly small holder farmers with skills and knowledge necessary to nurture the chicks to maturity, and sensitize them on international best practices in raising broiler chickens.

Tuns personnel regularly visit farms of participants across the state to ensure that quality and standards are met. The program which has produced over 200 millionaires since its inception, has empowered over 2,000 farmers and put Osun state in the limelight as the largest producer of chicken, and the third largest producer of broiler meats in Nigeria after Oyo and Ogun states. 8 million live birds are processed annually through this scheme.