National Input Supplier

How to Participate

To participation in NEGPRO as a national producer/supplier, the following criteria must be met:

  • Prospective producers/suppliers must be an indigenous company with a track record of expertise in the poultry sector for a minimum of 15 years
  • Prospective producers/suppliers must agree to comply with relevant standards and specifications as spelt out by the scheme technical committee
  • Prospective producers/suppliers must agree to comply with inputs prices and costing as specified by the scheme technical committee

Inputs requirement for the scheme are:

  • Pullet day-old chicks (DOC)
  • Layers Feed and Concentrate
  • Drugs and vaccines

Qualified and competent input supplier (s) will be appointed to produce and supply each of the above listed inputs nationwide to the state anchors.


  • Feed Supply:
    • Six feed millers will be selected; one in each of the six geo-political zones of the country to supply feeds to state anchors in their respective geo-political zones.
    • Selected feed millers must agree to use feed formulation approved by the scheme technical committee.
  • Drugs and Vaccines
    • Competent companies with excellent track record network in the production and distribution of drugs and vaccines will be selected for this category.
Pullet DOC
  • Reputable hatcheries with high pedigree and good track record in the production of day-old-chicks will be selected for this category


Interested suppliers/producers are to send a letter of intent by registered mail to the Consultant/Scheme Manager at the address below:


Or Call:

Ibrahim: 08057496015
Emmanuel: 08057496020
Toyin: 08057496041